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you must have heard of bitcoin but

What the hell are cryptocurrencies?

Digital Assets

At its core, cryptocurrencies are just digital assets. Cryptos leverage tech like blockchain to ensure they cannot be corrupted or manipulated. The central authorities have no control here.


Since these assets live in a digital world, there are ways to trade without giving trust to an individual. Ambo was built on the principles of trustless exchange.


Each cryptocurrency that is traded on Ambo has its own purpose for creation. Some can be used to be correlated to a company's revenue while others have more experimental use cases.

FAST. NOt furious.

Ambo makes it easy to buy cryptocurrencies.

No need to understand all that 'tech' bullshit. Cut straight to investing and get your first investment within minutes of downloading the app.


accounts created


investment opportunities


minimum investment


markets always online


Everything, just easy.

We built the app from the ground up with the user in mind. Ambo is the easiest to use mobile wallet.

Easy to use

Explore and invest with confidence and without fear.

Secure AF

Finally, your funds are where they belong. With you.

Endless Opportunities

Hundreds of tokens - all available at your fingertips.

No more searching.

We have THE best prices.

Ambo looks at the top exchanges and automatically returns the best price to the user. If you're exchanging $5 or $50000, we got your back.

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